Data Enquiry Terms and Conditions


By agreeing to these terms and clicking the Submit button, the enquirer agrees that they will be provided the information, at the agreed cost, in the timescale indicated.

If an Enquirer wishes to amend or cancel their request they must notify BRERC of their intentions as soon as is reasonably possible before the enquiry deadline.

If BRERC considers or suspects information in the enquiry request to be missing or inaccurate, the enquiry will not proceed until such time as BRERC considers the request submission accurate and complete.


BRERC will make data available to enquirers although some data is restricted. Before releasing any data, BRERC must know what the data is to be used for (the agreed purpose).

Data must only be used for the agreed purpose.

Data must only be used in conjunction with the site(s) stated in your data request.

Data must not be passed to a third party.

The exact locations of badger setts, bat roost sites, otter holts, raptor nest sites and sensitive plant species are treated as confidential information.

BRERC will not release data if it is suspected that the enquirer will then use the data to the detriment of wildlife, interfere illegally with protected species or use the data for illegal purposes.

BRERC does not undertake to perform any search until all details have been provided to our satisfaction.

BRERC will endeavour to provide data to enquirers within 10 working days of receipt of a completed request unless agreed otherwise.

BRERC will not be liable for any claims for loss, damage, cost or expenses arising out of the provision of data.

It is the responsibility of the enquirer to ensure that their search area and associated buffer fall entirely within the BRERC area and that they do not need to contact neighbouring Environmental Record Centres. Consult the LERC Finder on the ALERC website to find out in which Records Centre your site falls.


A charge may be made to enquirers, which contributes to the staff costs of providing the service. This is not a charge for the actual data and does not confer exchange of copyright of any data supplied.

BRERC will review all charges on receipt of an enquiry. In the majority of cases the charge will be as calculated using the tool on the BRERC website, but we reserve the right to alter or waive the charge depending on the circumstances of each individual enquiry.

Final charges are at BRERC's discretion.

Once BRERC has completed the data search and sent the information within the time period agreed, payment is due. BRERC does not accept responsibility for late receipt of information by the enquirer if the information has been sent by BRERC within the agreed time period.

Any charge must be paid in full on receipt of invoice. Invoices are raised by BRERC but administered by Bristol City Council, and sent out via post.

For information on how we use your collected data, see