BRERC Website Help and Accessibility

BRERC has aimed to produce a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.

It has been optimised for the browser versions currently in widespread use. If you find any problems or issues, we need to know which internet browser you are using eg Internet Explorer 8, or Firefox 28, etc – so it is important to include this information. Send your comments to

Text Size

A quick way to change the font size in most modern internet browsers is to use the zoom function:

To zoom in: use Ctrl (cmd on a Mac) and +
To zoom out: use Ctrl (cmd on a Mac) and -
To reset to the default text size: use Ctrl (cmd on a Mac) and 0 (zero)

Browsers will keep everything on the page in proportion, increasing and decreasing the page width and image size. Therefore if you zoom in, you may need to scroll the page sideways to read a complete line.

Pdf files

Adobe® pdf (Portable Document Format) files are used for some documents on this website. Most computers will open PDF documents automatically but if not, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader®.
You can download the latest version of the reader from the Adobe website for free.


The website uses Javascript as most modern web pages need to work dynamically – for example the when calculating charges on the Enquiry page, and pages where maps can be enlarged. Javascript should be enabled by default, but if not then consult your browser help to find instructions on how to enable Javascript.


We welcome any comments or feedback you may have on the accessibility of our website.
Please send your feedback to;