Taxon and Species Lists

Use these lists to interrogate data held by BRERC and to help you search for the correct terms on our Interactive Maps.

Use the Taxon List to search for groups of species - such as Birds or Butterflies. These taxon groups can then be used via the Taxon search function on the Interactive Maps to display a map of, for example, all bird records.

To use the Species Lists see the instructions below. Individual species lists are arranged alphabetically by scientific name.
As an example if you were interested in the leafhopper Stenocranus minutus then click on 'S' and it will bring up a list of all species with scientific names beginning with S.
To search for the specific species within the list, press CTRL and F together on the keyboard and type 'Stenocranus minutus' in the search box. This will tell you how many records there are for the BRERC region and when the last record was submitted. If nothing is found, then either we don't have any records for that species, or the scientific name you have used may be incorrect - we suggest searching the NBN Atlas for the correct scientific name.