BRERC Enquiry Service - Latest News

Enquiry Charges - April 2024

Charges for the base element unit costs of our data searches will increase by 6.7% on 1st April 2024.

These price increases are at the direction of our hosts Bristol City Council.

The minimum charge for enquiries will remain the unchanged at £100 ex VAT.

Habitat Data Searches

Over the past few years BRERC has been developing a new habitat map in collaboration with WECA and the West of England Local Authorities.

The West of England (Woe) Habitat Map incorporates all known habitat information from a wide range of sources and is considered to be the most comprehensive and up to date source of information for the BRERC region.

Every polygon has been assigned a UK Habitat classification, as well as legacy information relating to Priority Habitat and Phase 1 classifications where applicable.

As this is the information that local planning authorities are now referring to, it is necessary for future Habitat data searches refer to this dataset.

Due to the feature rich content of the data, we suggest that enquirers request the data in GIS format, where you have the appropriate Ordnance Survey license to do so.

Standard non-GIS data searches can interpret the maps provided using the included Map Key and BRERC Habitat Map translation spreadsheet.