BRERC Operational changes due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

BRERC continues to maintain its core functions

  • The BRERC Office is closed but our staff are working remotely
  • We continue to log all incoming data
  • We have enabled our volunteers to work at home where possible
  • Our enquiry service continues to process data searches
  • We continue to welcome your wildlife records!

We are however working under the following limitations:

As the BRERC office is closed, this does reduce our ability to perform certain aspects of our work and access key information. Because volunteering is suspended in the BRERC office, staff have less assistance with certain tasks; we are trying to do more with less time.

With the office closed, we do not have access to our telephone, and with staff spread out over different locations a redirect would be impractical. Therefore please contact us via e-mail and we will call you if appropriate

There is only one member of staff available to deal with Data Enquiries. As such, replies to queries may be delayed, and searches may take longer. We will endeavour to keep alterations and delays to a minimum.

Do you have data to submit to BRERC? Or just want to tell us what you've seen in your garden? Find out how to submit your wildlife sightings.