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BRERC Data Search - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a Commercial Data Search?

A Data Search is deemed to be for Commercial purposes:

  • if the enquirer is likely to obtain income or funding in whole or in part as a direct result of receiving a Data Search; and/or
  • if the enquirer is requesting a Data Search in connection with their business or trade.

Why is there a charge for a Non-Commercial Data Search?

BRERC now charges for this service due to reductions in funding from our partner organisations.
Latest charges can be found on the Non-Commercial Data Search Charges page.
Note: Final decisions on charges are at BRERC’s discretion.

Are there any exemptions from charges?

  • BRERC partner organisations are exempt from Data Search charges.
  • Data Searches for Non-Commercial purposes officially requested by Wildlife Recording Groups, Community Groups, or other recognised voluntary groups within the BRERC area will not normally incur a charge.
    Note: Final decisions on charges are at BRERC’s discretion.

What types of data can I request?

The most commonly requested data are listed on the Charging Calculators. But the types of searches we can do are extremely variable. For example, we could do a Data Search for birds and amphibians in an area, and present the results on separate maps.
If you have a specific request, please Contact us and we will do our best to help.

How long will my Data Search take?

We are usually able to complete straightforward Data Searches within 3 working days (on receipt of the Enquiry Search Agreement Form); and we aim to complete all Data Searches within ten working days.

If you have a specific deadline then please Contact BRERC, but there may be charge for a faster service; latest charges are on the Commercial Data Search Charges page.

Can you tell me the reason that a local site has been Designated?

BRERC is not a designating authority, so we cannot provide enquirers with the reason a site is designated. We can provide details of site boundaries, a description of the site and any other ecological or geological data we may hold for the site.

Can I ask BRERC to comment on the Data Search findings?

BRERC endeavours to maintain an unbiased view towards any site or species in its area. We are primarily a central source for environmental data, and as such we would encourage enquirers to study the data we provide and draw their own conclusions.

Can you provide me with data in GIS format?

For most Data Searches BRERC cannot provide data in GIS formats due to OS licensing rules.

What other data do you hold?

BRERC holds a huge amount of environmental and geological data stretching back for over a century. The most recent and relevant data is easily accessible via our database and GIS (mapping software), and it is this data that is most often requested by our enquirers.
But if your Data Search is non-standard or if you are interested in historic data, then please Contact us as we may well be able to help.

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