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Non-Commercial Data Search Service

Request BRERC Data for Non-Commercial Purposes

eg for Community Groups, Members of the Public, Students

If you are requesting a Data Search for Commercial reasons, please go to the Commercial Data Search page.
For information on whether you will be deemed to be a Commercial user, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Request a Non-Commercial Data Search

1. Choose the Data Search elements you need
Use our Non-Commercial Charging Calculator to select the individual Data Search items -
this will also give you an estimate of how much the Data Search will cost.

Please Contact us at this stage for -

  • queries about the charges;
    to see if you qualify for an exemption; or
    to discuss which data elements will be of most use to you.

2. Complete the Non-Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF)
Download and complete a Non-Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form
Please make sure you have read and agreed to BRERC’s Data Search Terms and Conditions

3. Include a Grid Reference and a Site Map of the Data Search area
We need a Grid Reference of the site, and a good quality Map from you showing the boundaries of the site.

4.Send the Data Search request to BRERC
We need you to send us:

  • Details of the Data Search elements
  • A completed Non-Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF)
  • A Grid Reference and Site Map of your search area
  • Your contact details (name, address, phone, email)
  • A cheque to cover the cost of the Data Search, made payable to ’Bristol City Council’

    If you wish to be invoiced rather than to pay by cheque, or if you have any doubts about the Calculated Charge,
    then please Contact us at this stage (before sending any payment)

  • Post the Data Search Request to:
    BRERC, Third Floor, Bristol Central Library, Bristol BS1 5TL

5. When we receive your Data Search Request, we will:

  • Contact you to let you know that we have received your enquiry; and
  • Advise you of the date by which you can expect the Data Search results

Notes for Non-Commercial Data Searches

  • Non-Commercial Data Enquiries have a minimum charge; see the Non-Commercial Data Search Charges page for more detail.
  • The Calculator shows the cost for individual elements of a search inclusive of a 0.5km SITE BUFFER.
  • Each individual SITE is treated as a separate enquiry, and will be charged accordingly.
  • Central sites which are larger than 1.0km² in area may incur additional charges.
  • Final charges will be assessed and agreed by BRERC once we have a map of the search area,
    and we reserve the right to vary charges for any given enquiry.
  • Further information on Non-Commercial Data Search charges is available on the Non-Commercial Data Search Charges page.

Data Search Service FAQs

For more information, try our Data Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
or click here for a diagram of the Data Search Process (Opens in a new window)

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