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Information for Wildlife Recording Groups, Community Groups, Members of the Public, Students, etc

There are 3 ways to find out about BRERC data:

Use the Interactive BRERC Maps

For a quick overview of the wildlife species in your area, use the Interactive BRERC Maps. (Maps open in a new window.)
These maps summarise the species that have been recorded in each 1km² throughout the BRERC area - with new data being added regularly.

Use the NBN Gateway Website

The majority of BRERC’s species data are available to the public via the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway website.
Species data from the last 15 years are available at 1km² resolution on the NBN Gateway;
with species data (excluding sensitive species) recorded over 15 years ago available at full resolution (for non-commercial use only).

The NBN Gateway is updated less frequently than our Interactive Maps, but may show you what you want to know. Using the NBN Gateway will allow you to see details of individual records, produce distribution maps and study other accompanying data.
NB Please read BRERC's Policies on Confidential and Sensitive Data, and the NBN Gateway Terms and Conditions.

Request a Non-Commercial Data Search from BRERC

You can submit a Non-Commercial Data Search if you need more detail.
There is normally a charge for this service, other than in exceptional circumstances. More information on BRERC’s charging policy is on the Non-Commercial Data Search Charges page.

Before you send us a Data Search Request:

If you are requesting a Data Search for Commercial reasons, please go to the Commercial Data Search page.
For information on whether you will be deemed to be a Commercial user, see our Data Searches - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Request a Non-Commercial Data Search

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