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Non-Commercial Charging Calculator

Charges reflect the cost of providing the service and is not a charge for the data.
NB. Charges are shown for a SITE up to 1.0km² in area (or up to 1.0km in length) with a 0.5km SITE BUFFER; uplift charges will apply for larger sites.
Further details of charges can be found on the Non-Commercial Data Search Charges page.

Calculate Non-Commercial Data Search Charges

The Non-Commercial Charging Calculator will give you a price (incl VAT) to be entered into the Non-Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF).
(If the Calculator fails to work correctly check that Javascript is enabled.)

To Use the Charging Calculator:

  • Select the Local Authority area where your Data Search SITE is located
  • Select the Individual Data Elements and Grouped Data Elements for your Data Search.
  • The Charges are calculated for a 0.5km SITE BUFFER around your Data Search SITE;
    for a larger buffer select the Larger Buffer Size from the list.
    (Contact us for a quote if your site is >1.0km² in area or >1.0km length)
  • The Calculated Total Cost (including VAT) for your Data Search will be displayed.

Site Location:

Select the area where your enquiry site is located
North Somerset
Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire

Individual Data Elements:

Notable and Protected Species records
Includes all notable, legally protected and BAP species … Show Detail >>

Non-Notable Species records
The inverse of the above item … Show Detail >>

Search of Paper Surveys and Reports
Pdf copies of relevant surveys&reports from our paper archive … Show Detail >>

Extended Search for Bats
Including Bat Roost Records (at 1km resolution) beyond your SITE BUFFER area … Show Detail >>

Strategic Nature Areas
The South West Nature Map shows the best areas to maintain and expand terrestrial wildlife habitats at a landscape scale

Invasive Alien Weeds
Locations of records of Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed

Grouped Data Elements:

Priority Habitat, Phase 1, Ancient Woodland Inventory … Show Detail >>

Non-Statutory Sites
SNCI, RIGS, AWT Bristol Wildlife Network sites … Show Detail >>

Statutory Sites
LNR, SSSI, SAC, SPA, RAMSAR, NNR sites … Show Detail >>

Local Surveys
Ponds, Veteran Trees, Geological Sites (Non-designated), Hedgerows, Water Vole Watercourses … Show Detail >>

Select a Larger SITE BUFFER Size (if you want your SITE BUFFER to be >0.5km):

+25% for a 1.0km buffer
+50% for a 2.0km buffer

Calculated Total Cost (including VAT):


Now … Download and Complete the Non-Commercial ESAF

To complete the Non-Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF) you will need to:

  • Select the Local Authority area where your Data Search SITE is located.
  • Select the Data Elements.
  • Write in the Calculated Charge.
  • Please note BRERC will make the final decision on charges for any Data Search.
  • Sign and Date the form.
  • Include a Map of your Site Boundary.
  • Include a cheque for the total amount, payable to ’Bristol City Council’.

  • NB. If you wish to be invoiced rather than to pay by cheque, or if you have any doubts about the Calculated Charge,
    then please Contact us at this stage (before sending any payment).

Lastly … Send Your Data Search Request (and payment) to:

    BRERC, St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 5UE

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