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Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF)

Commercial ESAF

Please ensure that you have read the information on the Data Search pages and on the Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF).
Once BRERC has received the ESAF, we will contact you to confirm we have received the request, and inform you of our target date for completing the Data Search.

By downloading the Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement Form (ESAF), you agree to the following terms:

  • I have read both sides of the Commercial Enquiry Search Agreement (ESAF) and by submitting an enquiry agree to all its terms and conditions.
  • I understand that any alterations to the existing text contained within this download shall render any agreement null and void.
  • I understand that BRERC will make the final decision with regard to charges incurred and the deadline for this enquiry to be completed by.
  • I agree to provide BRERC with an accurate map showing my site area and boundaries
    (or for a search where the site area is not given, an accurate map with a central grid reference).

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