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BRERC Interactive Maps

More Help and Tips

  • This application is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

  • Double-click to zoom in, and drag to move around the map. Hold down the shift key and drag to zoom to a particular region.
    Do all this before you switch on any overlays.

  • Once you have sized and positioned the Record Summary window to your liking - do not close it until you have finished using the map window too.

  • If you move the mouse (at all) while clicking on the map this will be interpreted as an attempt to move the map. To generate a Record Summary request the mouse needs to be kept quite still. This is easier if you make a slower more deliberate click.

  • The Taxon and Species List filters automatically add wildcards to your search; but you may need to put a space before or after the name in order to get the desired result.

  • There should be a menubar on the Record Summary window; if it's missing, it can be enabled in the browser options. You will then be able to use the Find facility in the Edit menu.

  • The layer switcher can be closed if it becomes intrusive, for example if it obscures the map.

Finally …
If you have sent wildlife records to BRERC and can't see them on the map yet -
Please be aware that there may be a delay because all records are validated and verified in the BRERC office before they are stored on our database.
More information on what this involves can be found on the main BRERC website.

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