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BRERC People

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Manager: Tim Corner
Responsible for: the overall management of BRERC; and arranging and promoting work with partner organisations.
Tim is also a founding Director of ALERC (Association of Local Records Centres).
Tel: 0117 9349833

Assistant Manager: Abigail Pedlow
Responsible for: project management and invoice admin.
Abi also oversees BRERC publication development and sales.
Tel: 0117 9349833

Assistant Manager: Daniel Marshall
Responsible for: Data Searches, BRERC volunteer recruitment and IT development.
Tel: 0117 9349833

BRERC Volunteers

BRERC has over 20 volunteers, who generously contribute their time and skills to help BRERC.

Our volunteers have a diverse range of skills and experience essential to the smooth running of the records centre;
including office administration, IT and GIS specialists, wildlife recorders, habitat surveyors, and more …
For more details and for current volunteering opportunities, see our Volunteers page.

BRERC Call-out Staff

BRERC also has approximately 12 specialists on a call-out list, who can be employed on specific projects whenever funding allows.

BRERC Skills

More information on the Skills of Staff and Volunteers at BRERC (opens in a new window.)

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