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Environmental Data for the West of England area

BRERC with strong support from our partners, provides an unrivalled service in the ’West of England’ area. We are the central repository for biodiversity and geodiversity data for Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset.

BRERC enables a large network of hundreds of recorders and volunteers across the West of England to participate in making their records available to the world. The Links page has details of our Local recording organisations.

BRERC stores and manages this information, with over 1.9 million records on our species database; and several million older records in paper format.

All the species data at BRERC is carefully validated and verified, so that we can be as sure as is reasonably possible that the data we enter onto our systems is accurate.
Read more about BRERC’s Validation and Verification processes

The BRERC Partnership

BRERC is a not for profit organisation administered through Bristol City Council on behalf of our partners:

  • Bath and North East Somerset Council (BNES)
  • Bristol City Council (BCC)
  • South Gloucestershire Council (SGLOS)
  • The Environment Agency
  • Wessex Water, and
  • Avon Wildlife Trust

BRERC also collects data covering the North Somerset area (NSOM) and provides a Data Search Service for this area.
More information on the BRERC Partnership

Meet the Team

BRERC has 2.5 members of staff, and up to 25 office volunteers.
Find out more about BRERC People

How BRERC Data is Used

BRERC data is routinely used to:

  • Screen planning applications by local authority departments, the Environment Agency, Wessex Water and the Avon Wildlife Trust.
  • Determine the status and distribution of species and habitats - locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Report on regional and national biodiversity targets.
  • Inform strategies on contaminated land, pollution control, habitat and species management, etc.

In addition, examples of projects and larger pieces of work can be seen on the BRERC Case Studies page.

See What’s in Your Local Area

Summaries of our species data are available via the new Interactive BRERC Maps facility. (Maps open in a new window.)
This summarises the species that have been recorded in each 1km² throughout the BRERC area, and new data are updated regularly.

BRERC species data is also uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network website.
Species data from the last 15 years are available at 1km² resolution on the NBN Gateway;
species data (excluding sensitive species) recorded over 15 years ago are available at full resolution (for non-commercial use only).

NB Please read BRERC's Policies on Confidential and Sensitive Data, and the NBN Gateway Terms and Conditions.

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