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BRERC Data Validation and Verification

Data Quality

To ensure the quality of our data, all BRERC's species data is Validated and Verified.

Data Validation checks the completeness of information on the record.
Data Verification checks the accuracy of the identification.

BRERC receives over 60,000 species records every year from many different sources, including specialist recorders, environmental consultants, universities and members of the public.

All the records undergo strict validation and verification procedures as standard by our trained staff and volunteers. For example, each species record is checked to ensure that it has sufficient information to qualify as a record; and all grid references are checked using GIS digital mapping tools.

Taxa new to the region or known to be difficult to determine are automatically highlighted, and referred to local experts for verification.

Records are entered with the correct scientific nomenclature in accordance with the nationally recognised Species Dictionary used by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN). Our database is also regularly modified and updated to reflect changes in both the current preferred nomenclature of different taxonomic groups, and their local, national and international conservation status.

BRERC data is uploaded to the NBN; and feedback from specialists often allows further refinements to be made to our data.

Note: Although a recorder name is a necessary requirement for every record, names are treated as confidential data and are not released to third parties (in accordance with the Data Protection Act).

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